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Gord Cohen, a successful businessman with over 35 years of experience in real estate, is running for Mayor of Toronto. With an empathetic and entrepreneurial spirit, Gord aims to bring innovation, growth, and equity to the city by prioritizing affordable housing, good jobs, quality public services, and opportunity.

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Meet Gord Cohen, a successful businessman who wants to be your mayor, Toronto.

With over 35 years of experience in the real estate world, his superpower lies in his ability to negotiate with winning results for all. As Mayor of Toronto, he will bring an empathetic and entrepreneurial spirit to the Mayor’s Office, negotiating on your behalf, making sure your needs, ideas, and challenges are heard at City Hall. Gord’s vision for Toronto is one of innovation, growth and equity. He believes that every resident should feel safe and have access to affordable housing, good jobs, quality public services, and opportunity. Gord is a compassionate leader who spends his days working to improve the lives of people around him, whether it’s for ONE person or 1.9 MILLION people. 

So, email him. Tell him what you need, what you’re looking for and what you haven’t been able to say to anyone else. He’s here to listen, and he’s here to advocate for you at City Hall. He’s here to be your voice.

My platform priorities

What I Will Fight For


We need a trusted voice in City Hall, one with real world experience. I bring a resume with vast experience in real estate and dynamic problem solving. I understand the value of the city's resources and real estate. Tackling the housing crisis requires dynamic leadership that can negotiate for the diverse communities in Toronto to deploy a realistic plan for the city. I am prepared for the task with a track record of outstanding results.


This is of the utmost priority. Safety in our city is a pressing and ongoing concern. With countless perspectives surrounding enforcement, I believe it's time we take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We have a growing city that requires resources, and as your mayor, I am prepared to take action to secure these resources to instill confidence in Toronto’s safety once more.


I bring accountability and in-depth experience to my position on spending — an area that has been lacking when it comes to our city’s transactions. I have an outstanding resume of negotiation in business and will bring a renewed informed perspective to city spending.


I will ensure that better decisions are made for the people who live in our city. Our priority should be to support people and to fill the gaps in our community with smarter spending solutions that keep taxpayer dollars in alignment with the needs of its constituents. We must empower small businesses by reducing red tape, providing realistic opportunities to thrive and to offer resources that encourage success through hard work.

My why

People First

I’m passionate about people, and what matters to them. I listen first, then take action, because I genuinely put people first.

I am not a career politician or a media darling, and I am not an attention-seeker. I have lived an honest life with a pay-it-forward attitude, and I want to serve ALL of Toronto humbly and with no ulterior motive.

Successful in business and devoted to my family, I bring with me unwavering morals, ethics, budget-consciousness, and a proven track record of negotiating win-win deals to the place that today needs it most – Toronto’s City Hall.

I will

negotiate for positive change

Toronto is a great city and like others, we have complex issues to address. Unlike the other candidates, I do not see the outcomes of our city’s challenge as simply a win or a loss. I want to hear all perspectives and listen to all sides. I will bring council together by explaining what needs to be done. I will find the solutions that deliver progress.

I will negotiate for positive change — forward momentum that is good for us all. I am here for those who feel that they haven’t been heard, and those who haven’t felt represented.

Together, we will


By listening to your voice, and taking action for you, you will feel safer. You will realize opportunity and see our way forward. You will be proud of the person who represents our city to the world. And you will be proud to call Toronto your home.

With this new partnership, we will thrive. To get us there, I will support the needs of people in Toronto by:

  • Recognizing and closing the gaps in our city’s priorities. As mayor, I will support the workforces that make up the backbone of our city through the development of programs that drive key resources towards healthcare workers, first responders, and social support workers. 

  • Understanding the need for resources and community-oriented programs. At a time when many individuals are feeling isolated and vulnerable, I wish to unite us — because we are stronger together.  

  • Actioning positive change. Utilizing my formidable background in business as a proven negotiator, I will achieve progress and actual positive change by holding people accountable for their actions, or inaction.

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